Conservation, Community and Sustainability through fashion, are the cornerstones of the SAVANNA DRAGON brand. Established in 1997, our farm, Nile Crocodiles Ltd, focuses on transparent traceability by personally controlling every step of the farming process, the tanning and the design of our skins.

Added to this is our ultimate goal of positively impacting local communities on the Tana River in Kenya by working together to protect this potentially threatened species, the Nile Crocodile. Everything we do considers not only the villagers, but is just as much about protecting the environment for wildlife and human generations to come.

Uniquely and Proudly African


is a luxury, high end sustainable fashion brand based in Kenya. Our unique creations are the result of premium, hand-picked natural Nile Crocodile leather and expert craftsmanship. In the ever evolving world of fashion, we join forces with some of the world’s top designers to give our products a truly original twist. By pairing our leather, captivating colours and sleek sophistication into every item, all our pieces become limited editions.

Our passion for long-term positive impact means all SAVANNA DRAGON products are made from ethically sourced genuine Nile crocodile leather. The attention to detail and our insistence on exceptional quality will allow you to pass your products down through the generations.


The SAVANNA DRAGON brand has truly come to life in 2020. To achieve our goal of sustainable farming and conservation, we knew we had to encourage greater harmony between the human and crocodile populations along the Tana River. The conflict had to be defused with long term solutions to various challenges.

To date, we have helped build wells and purchase water pumps, so the villagers won’t have to rely solely on the river as their water source. By putting people at the heart of our programmes, we have been able to tap into the wealth of local knowledge and give them an alternative source of income.

The Nile Crocodiles Farm Programme has also funded a maternity unit at the local hospital, provided solar lights and safer boats for the local fisherman. We continue to work closely with the community to show them the benefits of the Nile crocodiles thriving in their natural habitat and how this positively affects everything and everyone connected to the River.


Nile Crocodiles Ltd complies with and promotes sustainable practices that minimise our environmental impact. We have worked tirelessly for our farm to reach Gold status for our high standard of animal health and welfare. We strongly believe in fashion with humanity and that fashion must have a positive impact throughout the supply chain. This is the heart of our SAVANNA DRAGON brand.

We are extremely proud to present you with this range of exceptional quality Nile Crocodile Leather accessories that see our three principals come together: Conservation, Community and Sustainability. By giving the Nile Crocodile the value we do, we can continue to conserve nature and the beautiful abundance it provides.

An Ecologist’s Endorsement

“People should come and see the benefits for themselves. The message should no longer be that this industry is awful. It SHOULD be – buy a crocodile bag and save five more crocodiles and countless other species.”

Dr Daniel Natusch, Biologist and Ecologist specialising in snake Conservation (France)